Roman Shades

Roman Shades provide consumers with the best of both worlds- elegant fabric combined with the soft feel of traditional window treatments. Roman Shades are also able to offer both privacy and light control with equal efficacy, making them particularly appealing.

Due to recent overall design improvements, Roman Shades can be easily raised and lowered and are made available in a variety of light filtering options.
Flat and Teardrop are the two most prominent styles of Roman Shades. Flat Style shades, as their name implies, lays flat against the window for a traditional look while the teardrop/hobbled style has the fabric that features a folded or “bunched” look at regular intervals. This serves to create a shuttered or blind effect.

Roman shades also come in two types of control styles, those being Top Down Bottom Up, where the user can control both the top and bottom edges of the shade, and Continuous Cord Loop, where a single loop of cord that does not shorten or lengthen is used for lowering or raising the shade. Roman Shades also offer various privacy settings that are rated differently by different manufacturers.