Pleated Shades

Pleated shades offer the ideal combination of the uniformity of solid fabric shades with the aesthetics and functionality of horizontal blinds, all at a cost-effective rate. Contempo Interiors offers pleated shades in a variety of fabrics and light filtration options that range from sheer to solid opaque. Contempo’s pleated shades selections include shades with liners that serve to improve light filtration and offer an extra degree of privacy to any room it is utilized in.

Contempo makes pleated shades available with two different control options:

  • Top Down/Bottom Up – This feature allows you to simultaneously raise the bottom of the shade and the top of the shade, giving you even greater control over direct sunlight and glare. This is especially helpful if you want to brighten your room but reduce direct sun.
  • Top Down – This feature only allows you to control the bottom edge of the shade as with most traditional shades. Although it does not give you maximum light control, the top down pleated shades feature is available in wider styles for big windows.

The continuous cord loop that pleated shades are made available with allow for their controlled raising and lowering. They also offer the added benefits of considerable durability and an easy-to-clean surface. Contempo offers pleated shades for a wide variety of windows, including arched windows, circles, and skylights.