Verticals Blinds

Vertical Blinds are the category of blinds and window coverings that can be adjusted horizontally. The use of the term “vertical” in this context is actually in direct reference to the vertically hanging slats themselves. These vertical slats differ from traditional window treatments, such as shutters or mini blinds, which typically have horizontal slats. The vertical slats typically hang from a single point on a wall and can be adjusted to move from side to side. Due to their features, vertical blinds are ideally suited for use with very large windows and sliding glass doors. A distinct advantage of vertical blinds is that they are typically made available in a wide variety of textures, styles, and colors. They are mostly made from vinyl or a fabric material.

Vertical blinds may be ideal if your home or business features large windows and curved surfaces, including bay windows or other areas where the use of flat, horizontal blinds is not feasible. Vertical blinds are made available in a wide variety of slat colors including options that incorporate translucent fabrics. These different options offer varying degrees of light control, and some vertical blind options can thoroughly darken a room if desired. Overall, their simple and straightforward operation and their ability to be fully adjusted to control various levels of light permeation make vertical blinds a highly convenient and popular window treatment option.

Vertical Blinds with Fabric Vanes

Vertical blinds are made available in a variety of textures and compositions. Fabric serves to lend a softer touch to the décor while textured blades can serve to accent existing furniture.

Contempo Interiors offers fabric vanes as either free-hanging fabric or as a covering to a PVC core.