Motorized Blinds and Shades

Motorized Blinds and Shades, also known as Battery Operated Shades, Remote Controlled motorized blinds, Electric shades, or Automatic Blinds, refer to the types of window shades that are controlled with a remote operating system as opposed to being directly raised or lowered by hand or with cords.

Remote controlled blinds are especially suited for windows with an enhanced vertical orientation or that are otherwise hard to reach. Furthermore, remote controlled blinds can be placed on timers to further increase security when a home is unoccupied.

Contempo Home Interiors offers various types of remote control blinds, all with their own unique capabilities:

  • Raise & Lower Only:  These types of remote control blinds allow you to raise or lower them with motorized remote control. This is an ideal option for homes or businesses that have skylights and for cellular shades that feature smoother, more contemporary styles and functions.
  • Tilt Only:  While not offering the option to raise or lower the blinds, these types of blinds provide you with remote control over the tilt of the slats. Both wood blinds and faux wood blinds are equipped with this type of feature, which provides the user with flexibility over light control.
  • Raise, Lower and Tilt:  This type of remote control blind provides a full array of features and therefore offers a greater degree of flexibility when adjusting light from across the room.